Anyone who thinks that libraries do not have the same importance today as they did in years past is making a big mistake. It might be easy to make this assumption because of the internet being such a fantastic resource. However, libraries still have their place in society today. This website is dedicated to libraries and specifically focuses on those which have become famous.

Modern Libraries

Some modern libraries including video game libraries have had to make some dramatic changes for a variety of different reasons. Some because of safety concerns, as they are just not structurally sound because of their age or because of changes in weather conditions. Still, many libraries are centuries old and possess many of their original characteristics.

The Competition

With libraries having to face stiff competition from the likes of the internet, they now have to be more creative in their efforts to retain their clients. For the most part, they will continue to do what they have to do, to achieve this.

Impressive Libraries

There are numerous libraries found in many parts of the world. Some are considered to be very famous or are listed as the top ten to be found worldwide. This is an interesting topic, and there is a post here which outlines what most consider these top ten to be. Those who are interested in libraries will find the information here to be helpful, especially if they would like to visit some of the most famous ones.

Libraries to Visit

A lot of people like to travel to new destinations. Often when they do, they want to see some of the attractions which are available to them. Many places have some impressive libraries, and here we have created a post for travellers who are interested in seeing some of them in other parts of the world.

Aged Libraries

Almost every library will have something unique about it. Those which are ancient and have become legends are particularly intriguing. People who are interested in this category of libraries will enjoy the post that we have here, that is dedicated to them.


To appreciate a library fully, it means learning more about their history. Here, we have chosen a few wonderful libraries to elaborate on, in regards to their history. It is always worth checking out the history of a library which anyone has an interest in. There is a lot that can be learned about them when doing this.

Something Interesting

Most libraries have something interesting about them. It could relate to their history or could be some new event which has taken place. The post here, concerning interesting facts about famous libraries is a most intriguing one. For some, they may not realise just how interesting libraries can be.