For people who love books, nothing compares to the joy of visiting a library and getting lost in a sea of books. Books can transport you to any place you want to go to. Here is a list of outstanding libraries in the world.

Top 10 Libraries in the World

1. George Peabody in Baltimore (USA)

This library was opened in 1878, and it has millions of books, with more than hundreds of thousands in volume, which cover British and American history and art.

The fact that it is old and the design is made of cast iron, with marble on the floor and the columns make it stand out. If you need a break from watching TV, you should consider going to the library.

2. Trinity College Library (Dublin)

This library looks like a temple, and many famous movies have been shot in it. It boasts of having many books, including an illuminated manuscript of the Bible’s New Testament.

3. Admont Library ( Austria)

The Admont Library is found at the foot of the Alps and is the second biggest library in the world.

Everything about this library is artistic. The ceiling has ancient paintings which give it a unique ambience.

4. The Royal Library (Copenhagen)

This was put up as part of an extension of Denmark’s National Library in 1999. It is made of glass, and the reflection it gives, especially on sunny days, is breathtaking.

5. Stuttgart City Library (Germany)

This nine-storey building stands out because of the architectural design it has. On the inside, the rows of books sit in a dazzling white interior.

6. Musashino Art University (Japan)

This library is known for its simplicity. It is merely a series of bookcases against glass. They have rows of books and reading areas, so basically when you get in, all you will see is books and people.

7. Boston Public Library (Massachusetts)

This is the second biggest library in the USA, and it has millions of books. It is advisable that once you have saved for your dream holiday in the USA, you should put this library in your list of places to visit. It is entirely free for everyone who wants to attend.

8. Jose Vasconcelos Library (Mexico)

This library is named after a philosopher, and it has many unique features. Despite the gloomy news associated with Mexico, this library instils some hope about the country. It has bookshelves which look as though they are suspended in mid-air.

9. Liyuan library (China)

Imagine being in a library which is surrounded by a forest. The library is made of twigs and wood, giving it a unique feel. Get some financing and go on a trip to China.

10. New York Public Library (USA)

This library has 93 branches spread around the USA. It has big chandeliers, and books across all genres.